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Ghost Coffee Table
Ghost Coffee Table
Ghost Coffee Table

Ghost Coffee Table


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    Ghost Coffee Table is a solid table in cast iron. The elegant table is casted with three pointed legs and a table top with a groove in the outline. The table is taken directly from the mould without polishing, which gives it a unique rough surface with texture of the mould. The raw table is powder coated and hand painted afterwards, which gives it a beautiful and diverse surface, with alternation between a matte and a reflective finish.

    Product facts:
    - Sturdy table suitable for many different interior settings
    - Cast iron made with a special technique without any polishing
    - No two tables have the same texture
    - Made in China

    Designed by Kristian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hyldahl

  • Diameter: 50 cm
    Height: 40 cm

  • Aluminium