At 3daysofdesign, we explored the NORR11 universe through a new point of view with new product releases, furniture dressed up for the special occasion and a brand collaboration with the Canadian lighting brand A-N-D, inviting visitors to expect the unexpected.

Cubism Coffee Table

With its minimalist square shape, the Cubism table intentionally directs the viewer's attention to the intrinsic qualities of a material that possesses its own life and character.

Available in two sizes and two varieties of travertine colors, the Cubism table serves multiple purposes, such as a coffee table, side table, plinth for exhibiting objects or as a display in stores.

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Elephant Lounge Chair

The Elephant Lounge Chair is designed as a modern lounge chair and draws inspiration from the upholstered chairs of the 1950s and Japanese furniture design. The result is a light and elegant lounge chair where the elephant ear shaped back gently curves around the body providing superior comfort.

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Jagger took shape from a simple curve drawn on a piece of paper, rooted in the idea of an unrestricted form perfectly complementing its surrounding space. The design offers absolute freedom and flexibility, almost tailor-made to suit a room's dimensions and intended purpose.

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Born to be a centerpiece