Studio Series

The original concept for Studio drew inspiration from the sunken lounge sofas of the 1970s. Its aim was to infuse the relaxed, laid-back essence of lounging into the design, while offering a higher degree of modernity and flexibility.

Peace, love and fluted upholstery

The Studio Series is crafted by a family-owned company with a rich history in upholstery production in Northeast Italy. Highly skilled craftsmen and women work by hand to upholster our sofas and lounges with great attention to detail.

The versatile collection consists of a regular sofa and a lounge sofa with a deeper seat, both available with or without armrest. To create a cohesive expression and accommodate diverse needs, the collection also upholds a bench and pouf.

Defined by its versatility, adaptability and exceptional quality.

Each module of Studio articulates soft and welcoming lines ideally suited for living, socialising and relaxing where one can feel totally at ease.

A design echoing the bold and expressive forms of late 70s sofa styles, refined in a contemporary way, giving the series its unique identity.