The Soho Table embodies the essence of architectural craftsmanship, drawing inspiration from the distinctive facades in SoHo, New York. The idea for the design was sparked during a stroll through the neighborhood, where the fluted building facades left a lasting impression and is directly reflected in the fluted column that forms the core of the table. The fluted surface adds tactility but also creates a dynamic and shifting interplay of depth and shadows throughout the day, depending on how the light falls upon it.

A hint of New York

Crafted from travertine, the table features a column and a tabletop, designed to contrast each other. The tabletop, thin and light, stands in stark contrast to the column's robust and fluted base.

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As a natural stone with a surface of tiny voids and imperfections, each slab differs in vein pattern and color, creating distinct variations for each table. 

Rich on architectural references