Available as both a lounge and dining sofa, Jagger’s bold, rounded contours draw inspiration from the expressive forms of the 70s sofa styles. Composed of segments, Jagger encourages creativity in design and layout, providing the flexibility to precisely adapt seating arrangements to any space.

Born to be a centerpiece

Jagger took shape from a simple curve drawn on a piece of paper, rooted in the idea of an unrestricted form perfectly complementing its surrounding space. The design offers absolute freedom and flexibility, almost tailor-made to suit a room's dimensions and intended purpose.

The unique form facilitates uninterrupted pathways in a space, minimizing wasted areas. The dual-sided design maximizes seating options, while liberating the sofa from the constraint of being placed against a wall. Jagger can pivot sharply, form large curves or a complete circle, offering infinite configurations.

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Born to be a centerpiece

Imagine its endless curvature in a restaurant, forming subtle arcs to nestle in a dining table. Or a grand hotel lobby where the lounge version gracefully winds through the space.