Our leather selection

For centuries leather has been a symbol of craftsmanship, elegance and durability. Due to its exceptional qualities it continues to be. We use leather from renowned Sørensen Leather, armed with more than 50 years of expertise within leather production.

A significant amount of the furniture we sell is upholstered with leather upon the requests of our customers. In response to the growing demand, we have continually expanded our range of leather selections to fulfill our customers' diverse needs and cater to the specific requirements within the architectural field. We offer aniline, semi-aniline and protected leather from seven different collections in 18 colors.

Curation of colors and collections

The selection of leathers we offer is a thoughtfully curated selection, where each type distinguishes itself through unique expressions, colors, and treatments. Cool and warm tones intertwine, creating captivating contrasts. Matte surfaces meet their glossy counterparts, offering a diverse tactile experience. The palette encompasses the delicate elegance of three light nuances, the understated charm of beiges, the cozy richness of warm browns, and the sophisticated allure of cool browns. A subtle touch of green introduces an unexpected element. Moreover, the selection boasts an array of options, including four shades of gray and three variations of black. The assortment has been thoughtfully chosen and artfully assembled to serve as an inspirational canvas, catering to a spectrum of preferences and design aspirations.

Aniline, Protected and Semi-Aniline leather

We offer aniline, protected and semi-aniline leather that each contain their own qualities and attributes.

Aniline leather is made from the finest raw hides, showcasing a natural surface with original markings that exude authentic character. Each hide is unique and will develop a subtle patina, enhancing the leather’s natural beauty. Aniline is the term designated for leather that is tanned and dyed with no top finish. This leaves the surface completely natural, allowing the leather to be 100% breathable and providing the utmost seating comfort. 

Protected leather stands as the ultimate choice for durability. Benefitting from a special surface treatment that guards against wear and tear, the protected leather is ideal for high-traffic areas. The leather's soft and comfortable texture boasts a uniform surface that minimizes natural markings, simplifying maintenance. The production of protected leather involves tanning and dyeing, followed by the application of a robust, pigmented layer and top coat. This process includes correction and embossing, resulting in a slightly breathable leather with a sleek and polished look.

Semi-Aniline leather shares qualities from aniline and protected leather, while possessing its own distinct characteristics. During the tanning process, semi-aniline leather is treated with a light top coat or pigment layer. This thin protective layer helps to enhance the leather's durability and stain resistance while still allowing some of the natural texture and markings to show through. An epitome of elegance and functionality blended harmoniously.

Aniline leathers

Dunes® has a rustic yet elegant appearance, adding personality and appeal to the furniture it dresses. Part of DUNES® appeal is its natural markings, imbuing each hide with a unique expression. Additionally, color tones will vary not only from hide to hide but also within each individual hide. Over time, the leather will develop a natural patina, becoming shinier and acquiring a vintage look, due to the leather's exposure to daylight, interior lighting and usage. 

Dunes® is OEKO-TEX® certified.

  • Dunes® - Ecru

  • Dunes® - Camel

  • Dunes® - Cognac

  • Dunes® - Almond

  • Dunes® - Dark Brown

  • Dunes® - Stone

  • Dunes® - Anthrazite

Terra is a leather with a silky matte surface, offering a subtle shine and a velvety tactile feel. Its refined look is complemented by few natural markings, making it a simple but sophisticated choice. Over time the leather will gain a natural patina and become smoother and shinier. 

  • Terra - Lime

  • Terra - Soil

  • Terra - Clay

Langue Chair upholstered in Terra Clay

Envy is a leather known for its accessible nature, boasting a lustrous surface. Natural markings of the leather undergo a graceful reduction through a meticulous sanding process, though they remain subtly visible. A light, transparent wax enhances surface protection and creates a discreet, two-toned effect. Each step contributes to a refined appearance and a smooth, pleasing touch.

Envy is OEKO-TEX® certified.

  • Envy - Olive

  • Envy - Black

Semi-aniline leathers

Spectrum is a soft semi-aniline leather with a subtle texture that looks uniform, thanks to a light surface finish that helps protect the leather from dirt, stains and fading. As a natural, full-grain leather, the visible pores on the smooth surface add a unique, authentic character to a matt leather with a subtle shine.

Spectrum is certified with the German Blue Angel Ecolabel (Der Blaue Engel) and OEKO-TEX® certified.

  • Spectrum - Mineral

Man Sofa upholstered in Spectrum Mineral

Protected leathers

Flux® is a protected leather that captures the essence of nubuck while embodying the velvety appearance reminiscent of neoprene. Enjoy the smooth, tactile feel that nubuck is known for—highlighting both its elegance and innate texture. Additionally, it offers all the advantages of protection, involving a very fine surface coating that’s imperceptible to the eye, rendering Flux® resistant to scuffing and fading.

Flux is OEKO-TEX® certified.

  • Flux - Light Brown

  • Flux - Anthrazite

Nuance is a leather, lush to the touch, where nuances are visible in the natural texture as well as the curated colors. A very light, invisible coating preserves the subtleties and softness while guarding the leather from wear and tear.

Nuance is TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) tested and approved. A TVOC certificate guarantees that no harmful emissions are released into the environment, thus contributing to a healthy indoor atmosphere.

  • Nuance - Walnut

  • Nuance - Burned Grey

Ultra stands as a pinnacle among the realm of versatile protected leathers, making it an impeccable choice for everyday leather needs. Buffed and embossed, the surface features a uniform grain pattern over the entire hide which gives it a consistent look. The robust protective finish not only ensures easy maintenance but also repels stains effortlessly – a mere wipe with a damp cloth erases any trace. What’s more, as a leather with a heavy surface protection, Ultra will take longer to show signs of aging or fading. 

Ultra is TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) tested and approved. A TVOC certificate guarantees that no harmful emissions are released into the environment, thus contributing to a healthy indoor atmosphere.

Additionally Ultra is ANSI/BIFMA certified, making it suitable for heavy use in areas with a high user intensity.

  • Ultra - Black

NY11 Bar Stool upholstered in Ultra Black