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NORR11 brings ideas together, fusing Scandinavian design with Asian aesthetics and combining the past and the present in a timeless design.

We seek inspiration from nature and raw natural materials which are evident in our collection.

At our in-house design studio in Copenhagen we work with up and coming designers developing the future designs of NORR11.

Today our team consists of Kristian Sofus Hansen and our senior founder Tommy Hyldahl. 




From Tommys background in fashion, spending years analyzing and picking future trends, amongst working with color shades and structures of materials, he aims to combine details and references from different historical design periods, and put them together in new ways to create fresh and original design concepts. All designs are based on the same approach of creating design in different layers, starting from scratch to a full storytelling of each design collection.



From Kristians background living and studying in Japan, he aims to combine Japanese aesthetics with Danish Design, to achieve a characteristic twist to simplicity itself. Most of all searching for the small, new and original detail, which lifts the design, by adding a specific signature. By working with arts and sculptures, the process expands in new and exciting ways, with the goal of creating characteristic, functional and timeless design.   




Nicolaj is a Danish designer from the Aarhus School of Architecture. Nicolaj joined the design team in 2017 and has since developed truly iconic pieces including innovative light solutions and timeless novelties in the accessories department. Nicolaj strives to create functional design with personality and character, focusing on materiality and tactility creating minimalistic and sculptural designs.




Born in 1980 in Herning, Denmark and graduated from 'The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture' in Copenhagen. His works are especially characterised by his high understanding for material and its properties. These are impressively reflected in a very unique, organic and pure use of shapes. A deep fascination for both individual and pure lines, combined with a filigree flair for current trends, shapes the hallmark of his designs. Often, he seeks constructive solutions from heavy industry and adapts them onto relevant products.  



Born in 1984 in Bergen, Norway and graduated from 'The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture' in Copenhagen. Knut has a great interest in the entirety and dynamics of his designs and creations. The pure use of shape in his design is an image of the traditional Scandinavian design and architecture, based on the material's natural ability. For him, design is seeing the balance in a product and trimming away all unnecessary details. Thereby only the raw design will be experienced. His thoroughness for details gives the products the highest standards of functionality and comfort. Following his contemporary artistic style and expertise, he has managed to merge his international inspiration together with the traditional merits from his Scandinavian roots. 



Born in 1993. Student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture and Design

With a background in architecture the main purpose of Emma’s designs is always to contribute with spatial, aesthetic and functional value whether it is a piece of furniture, a building or an urban plan. For Emma design is a way to communicate. Her work is driven by merging the visual and the tactile aspects of a design to create timeless pieces that go beyond trends.

She believes that inspiration can be found everywhere and uses light, surfaces, materials and structures as her instruments when creating. Working with a hands on approach, Emma considers an understanding of construction and the extrasensory perception as important, since she believes that great design is stimulating and should invite people to engage in and interact with.



Born in 1996. Student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture and Design

The design of Anna is characterized by the detailing, transition and simplification. Her essence is to create timeless pieces, that through transformable and materiality define a connection with the individual self. Especially the materials and the sensuous aspect is a priority. She does not compromise on quality and aesthetics. It is important for her to improve and add more aesthetic value through the design expression.

The ideas and inspiration arise through the world around her. Anna gets inspired by the spatial expressions in which we move to the issues we encounter in everyday life. She thinks the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder but wishes to clarify the value of a design. Not just by its spatial appearance, but also by the way our senses are amplified and fulfilled.