Delving into the NORR11 design philosophy

In the world of bold and captivating furniture pieces, NORR11 makes a resounding statement. At the heart of the design philosophy lies the creative collaboration between lead designer Kristian Sofus Hansen and founder Tommy Hyldahl. Their dedication to merging architectural precision with fashion-savvy trend forecasting, along with their unwavering commitment to form, function and comfort, has given rise to furniture pieces that exude attitude and relevance.

Educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Kristian Sofus Hansen draws upon his architectural background to shape his design philosophy. His creative process always begins with a focus on external form, much like the creation of buildings and a commitment to ensure that the furniture pieces exude equal beauty from all angles. Then follows an almost telescopic approach, zooming in to scrutinize every detail.

This design concept takes inspiration from architectural fluted buildings, where structures generate captivating shadows that transform with the play of light.

The Soho table features a fluted pillar-like stand creating an ever-changing interplay of depth and character across the surface throughout the day.

For Kristian, a piece of furniture is not merely functional; it should be a work of art. He crafts each piece meticulously to harmonize aesthetics, durability, and comfort, all while infusing a unique twist. His days as a student in Japan have left a lasting impact on his work, infusing it with a distinct Japanese essence. He continues to draw inspiration during his travels worldwide, from elements like the interplay of shadows, textured facades or historic Japanese temples.

Elephant Chair

While most chairs prioritize aesthetics from the front, the Elephant Chair was purposefully designed to be as visually appealing from the back as it is from the front. This approach is noteworthy because dining chairs are typically positioned under tables and mainly viewed from the back.

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For decades, Tommy Hyldahl has been a part of the fashion industry, yet his profound passion for furniture design has always been present. In his design process today, he draws parallels from his time in fashion, where he dedicates a significant amount of his time to trend forecasting.

This involves keenly observing and analyzing social currents and trends across industries to understand the needs and behavior of tomorrow. He applies his analytical approach to thoroughly examine trends across diverse industries. He delves deep into research before embarking on product development.

Tommy believes in his ideas and lives by the principle of being a first-mover. Just like in the fashion industry, where speed and bold decisions are crucial, it's necessary to act swiftly and trust your intuition.

Similar to Kristian, Tommy picks up inspiration internationally and particularly within Japanese design. Throughout his life, he has traveled extensively across East and Southeast Asia. This has infused the NORR11 design philosophy with a Wabi Sabi approach, emphasizing a commitment to infusing life into materials.

Studio Sofa

Studio is defined by its bold fluted upholstery characteristics inspired by late 70s sunken sofa styles, refined in a contemporary way, giving the series a unique identity. Featuring a versatile yet simple system of modules, Studio offers a variety of options to form numerous settings, shapes and styles, seamlessly blending into all sorts of environments. With a 360-degree finish, each module can be a stand-alone piece or reversed to create a two-sided sofa.

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In their creative process, they blend time periods, design directions, cultures and materials. By combining references from design history with forward-looking perspectives, the designs often evoke a sense of familiarity, but freshly and uniquely, bridging the gap between classic and modern design.

Kristian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hyldahl, drawing from their diverse backgrounds and a wide array of inspirations, have created a design philosophy that blends innovation and timelessness. The result is a collection of sculptural, bold and sophisticated furniture pieces - at the leading edge of design.

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